Welcome to our Best Practice September Newsletter

September always marks the beginning of a very busy time in General Practice. 

The schools are back and many practices are either in the middle of or planning the Flu and Covid booster vaccine rollout depending on your delivery schedule.

In this issue we have some tips for vaccine season and some updates around our lastest training courses.

The "On demand" PCRS Course has proven to be hugely popular as it can be accessed on demand through either your PC or on any device using our App.  Full details are on the link below.

This comprehensive course contains all the updated information arising from the most recent IMO Negotiations and what this means for you and your Practice.


Top Tips for managing the Vaccine Season in your Practice

Preparation & Coordination 

Forward planning is the key to success! You know what works best for your Practice population.

For some Practices, it is a walk in clinic which you advertise locally through Newsletters or SMS. This will be decided on location, patient demographic etc.

For others it is scheduled clinics that are put in place for the inital 2 - 3 weeks.

Education & Promotion

The HSE are only just distributing information to Practices to give to Patients with the offical  HSE campaign starting in early October. Many Practices have already begun administering the vaccine/s. 

You can communicate through your website, social media platforms or send an SMS to Patients who meet the criterial for the Vaccines.

 Administration Process

It takes a team to roll out a successful Flu Vaccination Programme.  

Ensure that everyone is aware of what role they play from Preparation for clinics, Managing workflow, Contacting patients, Ensuring adequate Vaccine Supplies.

Thankfully claiming is less cumbersome than it used to be!

Feedback & Adaptation

Carry out a review after you have ran a couple of clinics.

Check what is working and what could be improved if anything.

I think that there are always ways to improve and by having a collaborative team approach inviting feedback from the team is always worthwhile.

Good luck!!

GMS, PCRS & State Schemes

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PCRS, GMS & State Schemes

This course is a necessity for any member of the Practice Team who hasn't received any training in this area.

It gives a comprehensive overview of the GMS, PCRS & all State Schemes administered through the PCRS. 

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Mobile App

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Up-to-date Information

All of our Training is relevant to General Practice and contains the most up to date information as well as sharing valuable tips and insights.

Modules include:


  • Intro to PCRS, GMS & State Schemes¬†

  • Leave & Practice Support Subsidies¬†

  • Contraceptive and Mother & Infant Schemes¬†

  • CDM Programme

  • Childhood Immunisations & Adult Vaccinations¬†

  • Medical Indemnity

  • The National Cervical Screening Programme

  • ¬†Medical Certification

  • ¬†Palliative Care, Hep C & HIV

  • ¬†Rural Practice Allowance & Grants¬†

  • Unique insights based on over 20 years working in and with General Practice